“You know it don’t come easy…”

You guys! Today’s The Day!!! The Mephisto Mark is officially a Real Book, available at online stores where you can actually buy it!



This has been a long journey, one that’s been at times frightening, exhilarating, and frequently frustrating. I worried when I decided to self publish that I would suck at it and be killed by wild dogs sent by unhappy readers.

pack of dogs

or this might happen:


I began writing The Mephisto Mark with one thought in mind: Just don’t drop the ball.

kangaroo dropping the ball

And so my creative talent came rushing to the fore.

every word i know

Which led to:


And I considered giving up. Running away.

breakfast club running


But I stuck with it and it was a LOT of work.

sleepy kitty 2



And when my first beta reader got back to me and said she loved the manuscript, it was a joyful time here at Chez Faegen.


anchor man joy



I wrote this book a little differently than the first two Mephisto books. It’s in first person, alternating between Phoenix and Mariah. I think I found where I’m comfortable, so will write the next books the same way. Yaknow, unless a whole horde of readers say


hell no


This book is very dark,

shouldnt be this hard



and sexy,



and sexier,

sexy kiss




and Phoenix and Mariah don’t always see eye to eye

cat fight


but there’s genuine affection between them.



And Phoenix realizes when it’s almost too late,

boy carries girl



Despite the fact that



he tries very hard.

So, to sum up: This is a good book and you will like it. The Duchess of Cambridge called and said so.

happy duchess of cambridge

(OMG she’s adorable!)

It’s dark and a little scary, but mostly it’s a love story, an epic romance between two unlikely people.

Thanks so much to everyone for your support and kindness to me. I honestly couldn’t have done any of this without readers writing to say, When’s the next book coming out??? Because you cared,



I decided to run with it.

monkey with hubcap


In conclusion:



I really really hope you’ll buy The Mephisto Mark, and I especially hope you like it. I’m already working on Zee’s story, which I plan to publish next March. There’s a teaser at the end of The Mephisto Mark, but for poor Zee, it’s pretty much,

life sucks again

If you haven’t visited my Facebook page, you should. I post excerpts and do giveaways. It’s like a big cocktail party without the cocktails.



Peace out. I’ll leave you with aMassive_thank_you


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The Mystery Men of Ignite – Revealed!

Today, an announcement of something VERY fun! I see you sitting out there wishing you had more fun, trolling the internet for something entertaining, intriguing, and fun. So here’s the deal – Entangled Suspense has a new handle – Ignite. Get it? Hot books about suspenseful, scary stuff with edge-of-your-seat stories, hot guys and dangerous women. Okay, not dangerous so much as interesting – and falling in love. Which can be dangerous, but that’s another blog post.

Anyway, we at Ignite who have current releases out there in the wild are having an event this Thursday night, August 8, from 7-9 EDT over on Facebook to celebrate the new, improved, awesome romantic suspense line at Entangled. We’re calling it The Mystery Men of Ignite – Revealed! I and seven other Ignite authors will be posting clues all week on our websites, and Thursday night, all will be revealed. You can win a $100 Amazon gift card and other prizes. Deets are here. You will also see the men who inspired our heroes. Speaking of which, I’m going to give you one of the first clues. Here’s a photo of his hand, which I picked because I have a total thing for a man’s hands. He could be kinda homely, and if he has excellent hands, I’m a happy girl.

Alexander Skarsgard HandIn real life, this guy’s mama probably made meatballs for him and his brothers and sisters. He comes from a big family. He was voted Sexiest Man of (his home country.) In his career, he’s been in the military and law enforcement. He is smokin’ hot, just like Nick Robichaud in Out of Control, which you should go buy right now and read immediately.

I hope you’ll join us for the Mystery Men event! It’s going to be way fun, and who doesn’t like to have fun?

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“I just want to live while I’m alive…”

I’m so very happy to share the cover of The Mephisto Mark with you! Click on the cover for a larger image.



The Mephisto Covenant Series:  Book 3


The Mephisto Mark: The Redemption of Phoenix
He’s living on the edge – she’s completely broken.

Orphaned at six and sent to live with abusive relatives in Bucharest, Mariah learned early in life to box up violent, agonizing memories and put them in permanent mental storage. Now almost nineteen, she has a paying job, a tiny apartment, and a plan to attend university. She loves her independence and is steadily overcoming her past, but when an enigmatic stranger walks into the pub where she works and the trajectory of her life changes yet again, she begins to wonder if she’ll run out of mental shelf space.

The only females unafraid of the Mephisto brothers are the extremely rare Anabo, born without Original Sin. Over one hundred years ago, Phoenix was first to find one, but he made a fatal mistake and she was murdered by his oldest brother and enemy, Eryx. Phoenix soldiered through the next century wrapped up in grief and guilt, his only outlet planning takedowns of those who pledged their souls to Eryx. When one of his brothers brings Mariah to Mephisto Mountain, he’s torn between his instinctive, powerful need to pursue her, and his certainty that he can never have her.

Drawn into the world of the Mephisto, Mariah sees the pain and misery Eryx unleashes on humanity, and the boxes in her mind begin to fly open, one by one. All that keeps her from slipping off the edge is her unlikely, sexually charged friendship with Phoenix. He’s incredibly screwed up; she’s completely broken. It would take a miracle for them to find happiness. Then Eryx brings the war for Hell to a whole new level, forcing Mariah and Phoenix to make a choice that will bind them together for all eternity, or rip them apart forever.


Coming September 24, 2013 fromPINK PUBLISHING LOGO bwsmall


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“I’ll love you with all the madness in my soul…”

I announced a few months ago that I decided to self-publish the third book in The Mephisto Covenant series. Things are rocking along toward that goal and there will be a cover reveal for The Mephisto Mark on July 24th, so stay tuned for that. I think you’ll like it!

To learn the ropes of self-publishing – and there are a whole lotta ropes! – I decided to publish a historical romance. I’ve worked on this manuscript off and on for a few years, and I’m terribly proud of it. My first love in reading is historical romance. After all, my introduction to adult novels was Jane Eyre when I was 10 years old. I dropped all my fave horse books and never looked back. And now, finally, after so many years of wanting to publish my own historical romance, I recently released The Last Duchess. It’s very sexy – which means there’s a lot of sex, so don’t say I didn’t tell you – but it’s a book about family and respect and honor and recovery.


In my personal life, I’ve seen the effects of sexual assault, which we tend to think about in modern terms, but creepy douchebags have been assaulting women since the beginning of mankind. In Regency England, aristocratic women were very protected and sheltered, in part because they were a commodity to their family. A wellborn woman with assets would attract a wellborn man with assets, and joining two powerful, wealthy families was considered a very good thing. So a young woman was watched carefully to ensure she was virginal and pure when it came time for her to become betrothed, to protect her reputation. Just the hint of impropriety was as bad as if she actually did anything improper. So, all well and good, but I’m certain some of those women weren’t watched quite carefully enough, and they were victims of rape from those who should have been protecting them. The Last Duchess is the story of a young woman confident in herself, loved by her family, admired by her peers. Then, she’s assaulted, and her world changes.

I sincerely hope you’ll read The Last Duchess. It’s as much a story about redefining oneself as it is a story of trust and love. You can read more about it, including the blurb and an excerpt, here.

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Enter My Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of Out of Control, I’m sponsoring a giveaway! Links are included on all blog tour stops, but in case you missed it and would like to enter, you can do so from here. I’m giving away a $25 gift card to Amazon and a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble, so you should enter!
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“Fire woman, you’re to blame…”

Out of Control Release Day!


I’m so thrilled it’s finally here! Release day for my romantic suspense, Out of Control! Always a happy, happy day when a new book hits the stands, and I’m so hopeful you’ll enjoy it. RT Book Reviews magazine gave it their highest rating – 4 1/2 stars! – and had this to say:

Plenty of action and suspense will draw readers in right away. An intriguing plot and fresh premise combined with Feagan’s unique voice and sizzling chemistry between Blair and Nick make this story a keeper.

The lovely Debbie Suzuki, my publicist at Entangled, arranged a blog tour for Out of Control.


Be sure to check it out and enter to win one of 2 $25 gift cards I’m giving away – 1 to Amazon and 1 to B&N! The first stop is today at My Reading Room. Many thanks to Crystal for hosting me!

You can read more about Out of Control, along with an excerpt and buy links – it’s only $2.99! – here.


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 Welcome to the online home of author Stephanie Feagan/Trinity Faegen.

Thanks for stopping by!


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