“You know it don’t come easy…”

You guys! Today’s The Day!!! The Mephisto Mark is officially a Real Book, available at online stores where you can actually buy it!



This has been a long journey, one that’s been at times frightening, exhilarating, and frequently frustrating. I worried when I decided to self publish that I would suck at it and be killed by wild dogs sent by unhappy readers.

pack of dogs

or this might happen:


I began writing The Mephisto Mark with one thought in mind: Just don’t drop the ball.

kangaroo dropping the ball

And so my creative talent came rushing to the fore.

every word i know

Which led to:


And I considered giving up. Running away.

breakfast club running


But I stuck with it and it was a LOT of work.

sleepy kitty 2



And when my first beta reader got back to me and said she loved the manuscript, it was a joyful time here at Chez Faegen.


anchor man joy



I wrote this book a little differently than the first two Mephisto books. It’s in first person, alternating between Phoenix and Mariah. I think I found where I’m comfortable, so will write the next books the same way. Yaknow, unless a whole horde of readers say


hell no


This book is very dark,

shouldnt be this hard



and sexy,



and sexier,

sexy kiss




and Phoenix and Mariah don’t always see eye to eye

cat fight


but there’s genuine affection between them.



And Phoenix realizes when it’s almost too late,

boy carries girl



Despite the fact that



he tries very hard.

So, to sum up: This is a good book and you will like it. The Duchess of Cambridge called and said so.

happy duchess of cambridge

(OMG she’s adorable!)

It’s dark and a little scary, but mostly it’s a love story, an epic romance between two unlikely people.

Thanks so much to everyone for your support and kindness to me. I honestly couldn’t have done any of this without readers writing to say, When’s the next book coming out??? Because you cared,



I decided to run with it.

monkey with hubcap


In conclusion:



I really really hope you’ll buy The Mephisto Mark, and I especially hope you like it. I’m already working on Zee’s story, which I plan to publish next March. There’s a teaser at the end of The Mephisto Mark, but for poor Zee, it’s pretty much,

life sucks again

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Peace out. I’ll leave you with aMassive_thank_you


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