Show Her The Money

The Pink Files Series #1

Show Her The Money
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After CPA Whitney ‘Pink’ Pearl blows the whistle on her firm’s biggest client, Marvel Energy, she gets canned, has to testify to the senate finance committee and acquires an anonymous stalker with a penchant for leaving dog bombs in her path. To avoid any of the stinky CPA scandal sticking to her, all she’s gotta do is turn over one measly disk that has all the incriminating memos between her ex-boss at the firm and the CEO of Marvel.

Trouble is, it’ll be at least two weeks before she can get her hands on the only disk that hasn’t been pinched. In the meantime, she’s got a crazy IRS agent, the Dog-Doo stalker and a lot of pissed off Marvel employees breathing down her neck. Not to mention a very hot, bad-boy attorney and the chairman of the senate finance committee. Who knew how loud that whistle would be?

ISBN: 9781426853098

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