She’s On The Money

The Pink Files Series #2

She’s On The Money
She's On The Money Cover small

Pink’s at it again, stirring up trouble in spite of her methodical approach to a client’s request. When Banty McMeans, Midland’s hugest pain in the neck, asks her to check into his seemingly reduced oil revenues, Pink figures it’s just another of Banty’s conspiracy theories. After all, David Lorenzo, the man he accuses of ripping him off, is one of Midland’s finest, a well-respected pillar of the community.

But just when Pink thinks she’s right, that Banty’s barking up the wrong tree, Lorenzo’s wife disappears, along with Pink’s boring Aunt Dru, and things start to get jicky. Could it be that Banty’s right? Is he being watched by the feds? Pink’s not sure, but she’s bound and determined to find out, with the help of Ed, who clearly knows a lot more than he’s telling, and Senator Santorelli, whose involvement seems very peculiar.stef-rgb

ISBN:  9781426853104

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