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April 3, 2013

I’ve had lots of emails and messages asking me about the third book in the Mephisto Covenant series, and until now, I had no firm answer. I was waiting for my publisher to decide yes or no on a third book.


toy story


Now, at last, I have news:




I admit, at first, I was all


my feelings


And later, like five minutes later, I was totally




It turns out that, as much as I love the Mephisto, as much as you guys love the Mephisto, there weren’t enough other people who loved the Mephisto enough to actually, yaknow, buy it, and since my publisher is annoyingly obsessed with that pesky detail of making money, they had to say no to Book 3. I know. It’s enough to make you


falling down


I was very sad for a very long time, and debated what to do. Should I write book 3 and try to find a new publisher? Would anyone want me and the brothers since we didn’t do so good on our foray into the uber competitive cage fight that is publishing YA these days? I am so in love with the Mephisto, and right now, especially Phoenix and Mariah – and let’s be honest. I kind of did this to them in The Mephisto Kiss:




So I brushed myself off and decided to do something insanely scary and risky. I’m not a risk taker because I’m a CPA. We don’t do risky. We clean up messes after other people are risky. But I’m compelled to continue the Mephisto series, because I have to tell all the stories. So, in spite of my natural inclination, which is this:


bunny in hand


I’m going to be brave and find my inner Mephisto and do this:


breakfast club


And hope like hell that I don’t end up saying this:




I’ve decided to self publish the next books in the series. As of now, I have no clue what I’m doing, but I’m learning. Release date will be September 24, 2013, the title will be The Mephisto Mark: The Redemption of Phoenix, and it will be about…well, der, obvs it will be about Phoenix. And Mariah.I’m close to writing the end, even though


writing is hard


This will be a bit different than the first two, so heads up to all of you who thought Jax and Key were sweet guys. Phoenix isn’t sweet. He’s messed up. And Mariah comes from a background that makes her even more messed up than Phoenix. I can honestly say, writing their story has been insanely difficult because they have to deal with so much anger and guilt and grief. But I think sometimes


writing hard


And sometimes, I think


johnny depp writing


I’m hoping when you read it, you won’t be all




And will be more




I’m calling this one New Adult, which is not a classification I’m all that wild about – it’s something between young adult and adult and no one seems entirely sure what it is – but maybe it fits this book, because there’s not just


kiss 1


There’s also


kiss 2


So there you go. My news. I’m excited about the possibilities!


excited baby


Also cautiously optimistic.


downton abbey


But I worry that things may be like




And in the end, as much as anything, I feel like


brad pitt


I’ll post news here as I go along. Self publishing a book is a long process. First, I have to finish writing, then have it edited, have a cover made, convert the manuscript for uploading, and sign up for print copies to be available. I will need some beta readers before I send it to an editor, so maybe I’ll ask for volunteers when the time is right. I’d love to have one who’s read the first books and one who hasn’t – to get a different perspective. It’s not always easy to write a series and include enough information for new readers, but not so much to bore the living daylights out of returning readers.

I’ve been posting snippets on my Facebook page and will continue to do that, and post updates and news and personal appearances there. I’d love it if you’d go like me. After the year I’ve had, dude, I can use all the ego strokes you can give me. Ha! No, but really – I absolutely can’t thank you enough for your lovely notes and wonderful support of the Mephisto. You’re all






  1. Rachel /

    I know I’m a bit behind on this news but oh my gosh!!!! I love Mephisto and I totally support the continuation of the series. Also I think it would be so cool to be a test reader if you are still looking for anyone!

    • Stephanie /

      Thanks so much, Rachel! I’m so appreciative of offers to beta read. I think I’m good for now, but will add you to the list. 🙂

  2. Denise /

    I am also willing to be a test reader. I will admit I have read the first two and I want to know what happens. I am invested in your characters and want them all to have that HEA

  3. Alexandra /

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how much I love the Mephisto! I love the writing and how unafraid you are to include religon in your books. I read them, fell in love with them, and now I’m trying to get my friends hooked. (They’ll come around, or I’ll die trying :P) Please add me to the beta readers list, I would be honored to help you on this long and difficult journey 🙂

    A fan

    • Stephanie /

      Thank you so much! ‘…trying to get my friends hooked.’ is music to my ears! 🙂

  4. Tiffany /

    You are so brave to go out on a limb, but I am so glad that you are. I read tons of YA and this is by far one of the most unique and exciting series I have read. The story line is great, the characters are great, everything about it is great. I bought the first book at the Teen Book Con in Houston, and have encouraged all of my friends to read it as well. They too are hooked. Like the other readers above I would love to be a test reader. Don’t give up, because we need those other remaining brother’s stories. I will continue to spread the word to other readers, so that they buy more books……

    • Stephanie /

      Thank you, Tiffany – wow, your post Made My Day! <3

  5. Alexandra /

    I have to say this… I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! You are so brave, I mean I love how you incorporate religion into your books and you’re not afraid to and the fact that you are going to self publish is so inspiring. I want to be a writer one day and you are just a role model for me. I’m telling everyone to read your books because I love them! Please add me to the preview list, it would complete my everything! Haha! Thanks!

    • Stephanie /

      Thank you so much, Alexandra! (I love your name.) I’m excited about The Mephisto Mark and I hope it works for readers. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck with your writing. 🙂

  6. bn100 /

    Good luck!

  7. Susan T. /

    Good for you for self publishing, that is incredibly brave! I have to admit that I haven’t read the books but this post made me laugh so much that I know I would enjoy them. I’m going to look them up right away!

    • Stephanie /

      Thank you, Susan! Always love when I make people laugh. 🙂

  8. I totally love your explanations!!! How creative!
    Thank you for the donation and for your fun web page!.

  9. Hi!!

    I want to reaad your book, it seems to be really good :3

  10. I haven’t read the previous books yet since I only discovered them recently, but I am really excited to get my hands on them!

    • Stephanie /

      Thank you, Isabel! I’d love for you to read the Mephisto. They’re a series, but stand-alone, so you can read Mephisto Kiss and know what’s happening without having to read Mephisto Covenant. If you like, I’ll mail you a copy of The Mephisto Kiss – just email me your address. trinity at trinityfaegen dot com. 🙂

  11. Karin /

    Really want to read this!all your books sound amazing

  12. Haha, love all the gifs. I haven’t read this series but I’m definitely intrigued. I applaud you in doing what you want, not stopping just because a publisher said no. They aren’t keen on a series unless it sells a certain amount, but that definitely shouldn’t stop you from finishing it.

    • Stephanie /

      Thanks, Mandy. It’s a little scary, but I have to say I’m having insane amounts of fun doing this myself. Fingers crossed it all works out. 🙂

  13. Courtney /

    I really love your Mephisto books, Stephanie. So THANK YOU for continuing the books, even if it means publishing on your own. I really don’t like it when an author begins a series that you absolutely fall in love with then cancels it, so thank you for writing more of the series.

    • Stephanie /

      Thank you so much, Courtney – your faith in me and appreciation of the Mephisto is MUCH appreciated! Thanks for this note – made my day! <3

  14. Valerie Rhodes /

    😉 omg what a good laugh.. thanks for that on a wednesday evening.. 😉

  15. Julia /

    I had written a comment a couple of months back but somehow it didn’t show up… So hopefully this one will. I wanted to say that I’m so excited about your upcoming 3rd book of the The Mephisto Series. I was devastated when your publisher didn’t pick up the 3rd one but so glad that you decided to self-publish it. I’ve always wanted Phoenix to get a second chance at love and I’ve think you finally made my day oh so happy once it comes out this September…Best of luck and hope you’ll continued to write wonderful books in the future!!

    • Stephanie /

      Hi Julia – I’m so sorry your comment didn’t show up. I stay on top of comments, so don’t know how it slipped through. Thank you SO much for stopping by again and for your lovely words! I sincerely hope you enjoy Phoenix’s book. It’s a bit darker than the first two.

  16. Tiffani /

    I read book one about 3 years ago and I want to reread it and finish the series. And I didn’t think about it at the time my sister named my youngest nephew, but he’s also named Jax. Anyways, loved the book. Going to reread to refresh my brain then get book 2 and read it. Then get book 3 and read it.

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