“You live, you learn, You love, you learn…”

Remember that time I was so certain changing the cover of the third Mephisto book was the thing to do? Remember that time I was wrong? (Okay, so I’ve been wrong lots of times – that’s not the point.)
The thing is, response to the new cover, which looks like this

has been about 50/50. Some love it, some hate it. I think the review comment that resonated most was the one that said she would never give this a second look, that it’s like every other paranormal romance cover out there. This must be a pervasive feeling, because sales have gone down to zero. Literally no one is buying this book. I dropped the eBook price to $3.99 – no sales. Damaris Cardinali at Good Choice Reading, blogger extraordinaire, graciously offered to do a cover reveal blog tour for me when I decided to change the cover. She put it together in record time and so many extremely wonderful bloggers jumped on board and posted the reveal. We did a giveaway that had over 4500 entries. Since the cover changed, I’ve sold 23 copies. All that and just 23 copies. But hey, it is what it is. I absolutely do not see this as a critique of the book. I like this book. I think it’s a good story. I just seriously suck at selling it.

The point of all this?
As much as I like the new cover, I’m still madly in love with Paula Kubiak’s photograph, and it pained me to change it.

So, even though the couple on the new cover look just as I imagine Phoenix and Mariah, I’ve decided….

to do this:


It’s uploading to Amazon right now and is already live at Kobo and Barnes & Noble. It will be available in print very soon. I’m waiting for CreateSpace to clear the files for publication, and then I’ll need to proof it, and then it’ll be up and available. I pinkie swear and kiss my elbow this will be the last change. I’ve done all I can for this book, and now it’ll either sink or swim on its own. I am stepping back to work on my historical romance project, and then the fourth Mephisto book, which will have a similar cover to this, and if it screams Young Adult, as someone told me this one does, I’m going to be okay with that, even though it’s not Young Adult. Why? Because I’ve just learned that if a cover screams anything at all, someone will hear it. If it’s not saying much, no one notices.

I’m embarrassed about all this. I like being one of those Sure Of Herself kind of women, who boldly goes forth and conquers stuff. Like publishing a book. I won’t lie – this has set me back on my heels and humbled me in a way I can’t describe except to say, I have seriously considered taking up smoking again. Or giving up writing. Or running away to join the circus. But, then I thought, nah, I don’t want to smoke – too expensive and that shit will kill you. I don’t even like the circus, so why would I join one? And as for quitting writing, I may as well be dead. Writing is what I do. It’s what makes me complete, so do or die, succeed or fail, I’m going to keep writing books.

Thanks to everyone for your generosity, your help in spreading the word, and your unfathomable kindness. It makes all of this so much easier to get through and I love you for it.


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