“Where are you going?”

Remember when I published the third Mephisto book? It seems so long ago…

Actually, just three weeks.

Airplane! gif

Yes, I’m completely serious, and don’t call me Shirley. Well, here’s the thing. It was slow coming out of the gate, and things have only gotten worse.



Yes, really. I’ve been through a whole smorgasbord of emotions the past few weeks. First, there was




Then there was




Followed quickly by




And then,



Still, I held out hope. I mean, the book had LOTS of requests on NetGalley, which was promising, right?




And it kept racking up 5-star ratings over at Goodreads, which made my heart beat faster and my joy endless.




But over on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, it was kind of a different story. And I began to wonder if




Then, one day last week, I actually had negative sales. I had no ebook sales on Amazon that day, but two people returned books, so yes, I had negative two sales. I had to face reality.




But what gives here? How can all those readers on Goodreads and NetGalley give this book 5 stars and write amazing reviews, but the book completely tank? I mean,




I decided I love the Mephisto too much to let them go, and selling negative two books in a day means I can’t afford to write any more. It’s reality, and sadly, I am not a trust fund baby.


rolling in money gif


So, I did some thinking, and decided the problem is marketing. You guys read the third Mephisto book because you read the first two – you’re kind of invested. But other people, those readers who shop for new books online and are looking for a certain kind of book, like, say a paranormal romance with hot boys and a kickass heroine and some sexy times and lots of angsty romancey banter and hijinks, will never look at the third book in this series. They won’t click the cover – even though it’s beautiful – because it screams Young Adult Novel. An author friend said she didn’t know it was a romance. She’d seen me post about The Mephisto Mark and thought it was an international spy novel.


clueless gif


International spy novels are awesome – but this isn’t that. So, I decided to be brave (again) and try something different, to see if perhaps this book will appeal to more romance readers.


trashy writing


No, no – not rewriting the book. Nothing in the story will change. The cover will change, and the title, and… the author. I decided to republish this book as me.




I LOVE my readers, and I hope you will understand why I’m doing this. I want SO much to write all the books in this series. And I want to have them edited, and proofread, and then I need to advertise them. All that costs money, and right now, I’m still way in the red on the third Mephisto book. I’m not avaricious – but practical.


pooh do it again gif


You may be asking, What kind of moron changes cover, title and author 3 weeks after release day?


pug dogs gif


Me. I’m the moron. But maybe not as idiotic as it seems. When I decided to self-publish the third Mephisto book and make it New Adult with sexy times and more grown-up-y angst, I gave serious consideration to doing this to start with, but couldn’t decide, and so I asked author friends for their advice and they unequivocally said I should keep Trinity Faegen as the author, use the same font for the title, and the same general theme of the cover. Continue the package and branding.

So I did. And it’s beautiful – I love the cover of The Mephisto Mark. But most people have never heard of the Mephisto Covenant series, so they don’t know – or care – that this book is all matchy-matchy with the previous books.


frankly my dear


So no new readers are jumping on board. And readers of the first two assume this will be like those, but it’s not. Even the writing is different. Book 1 & 2 are in third person, alternating POV and this one is in first person alternating POV. This one has more language and adult themes and is not anything close to a YA.


misery gif


It’s New Adult – except not about somebody in college. Just college age. It’s a romance novel, pure and simple. It’s a sad story, a hopeful tale, a love story with a happy ending – like all romance novels.


kiss 3


The first two Mephistos were romances. Young Adult romance, but romances just the same. This book, the third Mephisto, with a new title and cover, written as Real Me, the romance writer, will hopefully find its place on the right bookshelf, and people who love romance novels will find it and enjoy it. Should I have done this to begin with?


glee gif


Well, yeah, but who knew? That’s the beauty of self-publishing! You can climb down off the horse in the middle of the stream and get on another horse. Or swim to shore and take a bus.

Are you still with me? Or are you

baby laughs and sleeps gif


I am hopeful about this change, and will post again soon to let you know how it’s going. I hope you will go along with me on this crazy wackadoodle journey I began when I decided to self publish.




The new title for the third Mephisto book is Only You. And without further ado, here is the new cover. It’s sexy, yes, but pretty, and it definitely says, This Is A Romance.


(If you click the cover, it’ll take you to a page with the book description.)


I’m so thankful and appreciative of your support – to everyone who bought the book already, I love you like whoa and damn.


sex now


Well, not THAT kind of love. More like


ron burgundy in phone booth


To celebrate a new beginning, I’m giving away a $100 gift card to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble – your choice. So enter and hopefully you’ll win. You’re all already winners to me – THANK YOU!!!!

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$100 Gift Card Giveaway!

 Go here to enter!


  1. The new cover definitely moves this one into New Adult! I love it {but I think I’m pretty bias, because I love them all so much!}. Hoping this brings your sales {and fan base numbers!} up! Definitely blogging about it =)

  2. Princess p. /

    I still love the series no matter what. I love all the characters and i don’t care about those two people who returned your book they should’ve just send it to me and be happy… Please don’t stop the series, i’ll die if you stop (just kidding, but i’ll definitely die… Haha)

    Im gaga over those cute big mephistopheles…

    • Stephanie /

      When people buy an ebook at Amazon, they have a few days that they can return it. Sometimes people click on the wrong button and buy a book accidentally, or some people buy it, read it, and return it. And some people buy it, start reading it, hate it, and return it – but I’m thinking there aren’t that many of those because Amazon offers a generous reading sample people can check out before they buy. All to say, I don’t take it personally – it’s just part of self publishing. It happens to everyone.
      Thank you for reading the Mephisto! I really REALLY don’t want to stop the series, so here’s hoping the new title and cover will pick things up in the sales department. 🙂

  3. I was a huge fan of the original cover, but I think this one will really do the trick to get the message of it being a romance across! It’s sexy and definitely romance-y! I do hope it’ll bring you more readers by the thousands!!
    I’m planning a blog entry to share the new cover and relink to my review! Hope it’ll help!

    • Stephanie /

      Thank you, Pili – I’m sure that would help and I’ll be so grateful to you! 🙂

  4. I love the new cover and title it makes the book look more appealing I read all the Mephisto books I loved them all hopefully you sell more books:)

  5. While I LOVED the old cover, the New cover is WOW! It definitely says New Adult and romance 🙂 Readers should totally pic it up!! Any plans at doing the new cover as a paperback or will it just be an ebook? I only ask, because if there are 2 cover out in the wild, i must purchase it 🙂
    Can’t wait to read Zee’s story!!! What’s your next romance book that’s scheduled to come out? 😉

    • Stephanie /

      Thanks, Sarah! I’m glad you like it. 🙂 I’m working really hard to get The Iron Duchess out in December, but with all of this drama going on with the Mephisto, it may have to be January. You’re always so sweet – thank you! <3

  6. Kristina /

    Everyone should read these books, because they are absolutely amazing!

  7. Livia Nowlin /

    Okay, so I tried to read this blog and enter the contest on my teeny tiny cell phone screen during my lunch break – EPIC fail!!! I’m not on twitter and my Facebook account has work peeps on it so I can’t share it publicly. I so wish I hadn’t mixed my professional life with my private but it’s too late now. I’ve spread the word to friends who won’t ridicule me for loving romantic fiction. Good luck with the new cover, it’s boss!

    • Stephanie /

      Thank you, Livia! No worries – I’ll be doing other giveaways and contests later, and they won’t be rafflecopter. They’ll be Mike drawing a name out of a hat. That’s how we roll. LOL!

  8. Jess B /

    I love this series and I am so sad that you had to re-brand it…but on a side note the new cover is super HOTT!

  9. Tawnya Peltonen /

    I am, honestly, a little sad that you have to change the look of the books. The entire series is incredible and I’m sorry more people aren’t seeing that. With that being said, I’m a HUGE fan of New Adult and I’m loving the new cover.

    If there’s ever anything I can do to help you, as far as promoting or anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally or at my blog’s Facebook page, One More Chapter.

    lovey_20_81 @hotmail.com

    • Stephanie /

      Hi Tawnya-
      I know what you mean – makes me sad, too. I’m still wildly in love with the photograph on The Mephisto Mark. But if it won’t sell books, it won’t sell books, and while I wish money didn’t matter, it does. I sincerely appreciate your kindness and support.I hope these changes will make a difference. Time will tell! Thank you again!

  10. Jillian /

    I am so sad that sales have been so terrible for you. I love this series and have been very unpatiently awaiting the release of mephisto mark…That being said I think the cover and new title definitely move the book into the adult category. I feel like if you reached out to some YA bloggers about the first and second books, and did some interviews, sent out some copies of the books to some non professional bloggers that have a strong following, that may help get people hooked like I was. That’s often how I research other books to read. Also, I like to see of authors recommend certain books. That always sparks my interest. Thanks for the great stories!

    • Stephanie /

      Thank you, Jillian! I’m so glad you like the series and I hope you like Phoenix’s story, no matter what it’s called. 🙂 Thanks for your note!

  11. Though I loved the haunting quality of the first covers, I think this new one shows a new depth to the connection between the characters.


  12. ::sobs:: Now I won’t be able to put this book in my high school library! I’ve got girls chomping at the bit for it. One of them just asked me about it yesterday. Will there be any physical books sold or is it only ebooks? You don’t have a copy with the old cover lying around do you? My girls are going to be so, so upset!

    • Stephanie /

      Tammy, email me your physical address and I’ll pop a couple in the mail. I’m sorry about this – but I had to try. So far, sales are about the same, however, so it may all be for naught. May have to end it with Phoenix. While we wait to see, I’m happy to mail these two copies to you. Email stephanie at stephaniefeagan.com. Thank you for reading! And thanks for your support since the first book – I appreciate you! <3

  13. Becky Hutchison /

    I bought the series third book and read it almost without stopping. I love the Mephisto series!! Now about going the romance route, I think it’s a good move, particularly with the new cover and with the huge romance audience. Good luck with the change!

    • Stephanie /

      Thank you, Becky! So happy you liked Phoenix’s story. And I hope you’re right and this was a good move. Don’t look back, right? 🙂

  14. Alexandra /

    I love the books! I do wish you didn’t have to change it, but I understand. Will you make it available as a book soon? I was about to buy the last edition, when it became unavailable. Anyways, so happy that you are continuing the series!

    • Stephanie /

      Hi Alexandra-
      Yes, the book is available in print now, but only at CreateSpace, here It will be on regular Amazon and Barnes and Noble within a week or so. They tend to discount, so it will most likely be listed for less than the $12.99 cover price.
      I was looking at the other cover just a while ago – sigh. It is so beautiful, isn’t it? I love that photograph. But, onward – and maybe if I become a bestseller auto-buy author, I can bring back the photo for another book. *makes note to become bestselling auto-buy author*

      • Alexandra AKA Forever A Loyal Fan /

        Haha! Too bad you couldn’t have some sort of contest and give away a copy of the book with the original stuff, that would be cool! I agree with Isis down below though, we need to go all bourgeoisie on the book market and show them the amazingness that is Mephisto Covenant!

        P.S. If you want to use my name for a future character, I definitley would not mind it 😉

        • Stephanie /


        • Stephanie /

          Alexandra, did you know Sasha’s name (from The Mephisto Covenant) is Alexandra? Her nickname is Sasha. So, you see, I named her after you to begin with. 🙂

  15. We’ve already spoken about my feelings – which are basically that I am not in favor of the change. I understand the reasoning, just wish it weren’t considered a necessity.

    We need to start a hard-core Street Team for you and this series. I haven’t read the first two books, but love this third one enough to go back and purchase books one and two (sadly it will only be via eBook as I simply haven’t the space at home for more print books). And I know that the lovely author who posted my guest review of this book actually said it was appealing enough to her that she planned on getting the entire series….

    So it is time to go guerrilla warfare on the book-market and get some serious positive movement for this series so that we can keep reading the rest of the series that is still in Stephanie’s head!

  16. Jordan S Walker /

    Hands down one of my favorite series of all time. I am so in love with all of the characters and their fight!! :))

  17. Elisa /

    I just found this blog… I suppose I’m a bit late but I love the mephisto books (does that make up for it?). Please please go back to the old cover (the original, matchy one), cause I love it. It just works with the series, and honestly, clothed people on book covers is really in right now. I hope. Anyway, I’m all for the matching thing (I was actually disappointed to her that “Only You” had such a YA name, and not a macho, mephisto name), but I’m sure that it’s still amazing. (Yes, I have yet to read it. *sigh* )

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